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  1. J

    HAMX installation "The system requirements are not satisfied"

    I already did all the troubleshooting available online, my OS is windows 10 , is there any posibility that my laptop is not really compatible?
  2. M

    Is Smart Switch backup to Windows encrypted?

    I have performed my first backup of my Samsung S23 Ultra Android Smartphone using Smart Switch on Windows. The backup process didn't request a backup encryption password. Are the contents of the backup directory encrypted or could they easily be restored to another phone by anyone who was able...
  3. Milo Williamson

    Anti virus..

    For my windows ten, it disapears ages ago, and need to re install it, I wonder if I am protected against viruses?
  4. Google

    Nearby Share for Windows is now officially available

    Nearby Share for Windows makes it easier to share files between Windows PCs and Android devices.
  5. Google

    Share files easily between Android devices and Windows PCs

    We are introducing Nearby Share Beta for Windows, an app that helps you share files between Android devices and Windows PCs.
  6. Milo Williamson

    WPS editor in windows ten...

    Sometimes go off the icons for about a few minutes and it shrinks back to normal though, is this a bug?
  7. Z

    S22 Ultra Config Files?

    Long story short, I can only access my phone via S-Pen and Windows file transfer. Then...the S-Pen feature was accidently disabled. Now my phone does not accept ANY touch input. Is there a way to access a config file through Windows to re-activate the S-Pen?
  8. Steveyg777

    Help Can i 'undelete' my erroneous sd card?

    Last night my phone suddenly reported that my sd card (sandisk extreme Pro 128gb micro sd) had a problem (i think to write to it) so it has made it read only. After restarting the sd card wasnt detected any longer. When connecting it to my Mac or asked if i wanted to format it. When looking at...
  9. 1

    Help How to port TWRP to your device using Windows?

    does anyone know how can I port TWRP to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A using Windows? all tutorials out there are using Linux OS for that. but i don't have any experience in Linux. Any suggestion would be very appreciated P.S: I do NOT mean how to FLASH
  10. IgorArnaut

    Help What happened to HiSuite?

    Greetings. I've recently encountered a problem while trying to transfer my files to PC. I had HiSuite on my phone and my PC installed. When I connected my phone and my PC, HiSuite disappeared from my phone. HiSuite on PC told me that HiSuite will be installed on my phone, so I clicked "Ok" and...
  11. Rob

    You can now control Android music from Windows 10 with Microsoft's Your Phone App

    It's an awesome app for Android users with Windows 10 computers and now it's even better. You can discuss and download Microsoft's "Your Phone" app here: https://androidforums.com/apps/your-phone-companion-link-to.1511/
  12. Android News

    Google has removed the Chrome apps section on Mac and Windows

    Google has finally removed the Chrome Apps section on Mac and Windows, leaving extensions and themes for desktop users. Those using Chrome OS will still be able to download Chrome apps, however.
  13. Android News

    Google makes it easier to backup and sync your desktop content to Photos and Drive

    Google launched its new Backup and Sync tool for desktops today, made specifically for users of Google Photos and Drive who are looking to keep their photos and documents in a safe space attached to their Google account.
  14. Android News

    Google releases Samba client for Android

    Google has released a Samba client for Android so that Windows file shares can be accessed from Android devices.
  15. Android News

    Guide helps Windows Phone users switch to Android

    Windows Phone hasn't received much love lately so many might be thinking about switching to Android or iOS. Android Central has a guide that talks about switching to Android when you're so ingrained in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  16. Android News

    Android eclipses Windows as top operating system

    New data from StatCounter suggests Android is now the most popular overall OS in the world. Android eclipsed Windows in usage statistics for the first time with each owning nearly 38% of the share.
  17. Android News

    This unofficial build of fastboot lets you flash things to the two slot partitions of the Pixel

    With the Pixel and the Pixel XL, Google started using two slots for a few of their partitions (to enable seamless updates). Windows doesn't have a compiled version of fastboot that lets you flash these slots individually, but an XDA Senior Member has compiled one for us from source.
  18. Android News

    Samsung may be testing Echo-like smart speaker

    A new teaser for a "Samsung Art PC Pulse" has been posted. The teaser is vague, but it appears to show an Amazon Echo-like device that has LED lights and is potentially responding to commands. The device seems to be making sounds from Windows 10, which could be the driving OS behind it. Samsung...
  19. Android News

    New Samsung patent shows Android and Windows running simultaneously

    A patent application filed back in May 2015 shows a Samsung device running both Android and Windows simultaneously. This isn't the first time Samsung has hinted at a device like this, as the Ativ Q was supposed to be a tablet with dual boot, but that piece of hardware was never released.
  20. Android News

    A new app is being released that will allow you to run Windows apps on Android x86 devices

    CrossOver is a new application that will allow users to run Windows apps on compatible Chromebooks and Android tablets. The devices must be powered by Intel processors which is not very common for Android tablets.
  21. Android News

    A Reddit user has figured out a way to put Windows 7 on the LG G Watch

    It seems that more and more people are tinkering with Android Wear, and the latest example is that of an LG G Watch running Windows 7.
  22. Android News

    Android has nearly 60% market share in the US and 75% in the EU

    Kantar has released their latest report showing smartphone sales figures for the world. Android phones were responsible for 58% of the phones sold in the US. Over in EU and China, they're sitting around the 75% mark and handily beating Apple.
  23. Android News

    You can now dual-boot both Chrome OS and Windows with Neverware's latest CloudReady update

    People can try Chrome OS by booting it off a USB drive but what if they want it installed on the computer itself? Until this point, dual-booting Window and Chrome OS hasn't been possible but Neverware has just released software that will let you. With version 45.3 of CloudReady, Chrome OS can...
  24. Android News

    How to install Android 6.0 on a Windows computer

    If you want to run Android on your Windows powered PC, you can now do so by following Neurogadget's step-by-step installation guide. It won't work as well as a native Windows install, but it's always fun to get Android up and running on devices that it was never intended to be used on.
  25. A

    Help Reading text files from Android to Windows 7 Using Batch File

    Hi. I have an android phone/barcode reader and need to read a simple text file from the device to a windows 7 PC. I can do this using explorer as it sees the android file system, but I need to be able to do it using a windows batch file as it is part of a bigger process. The android hard drive...