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wireless charging

  1. kuddus

    Headphone for Google Pixel 2

    What is the best headphone for Google Pixel 2?
  2. Android News

    Qi defeats the last known wireless charging standard

    Powermat has conceded defeat to Qi as the former had been hanging onto dear life to prove their wireless charging standard was the best. Qi was ubiquitous for some time, however the launch of Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X with Qi support was the final nail in the coffin for competitors.
  3. Android News

    FCC approves first wireless distance charging system

    The FCC has given approval to Energous' latest wireless charging system that allows you to charge a device from up to three feet away.
  4. Android News

    Deal: Save 10% off Anker’s two new wireless charging accessories

    Wireless charging is one of the best Android features that the iPhone has copied. Thankfully, third-party manufacturers have created some great options for adding extra wireless charging stations around your house no matter if you’re an Android or iOS user.
  5. Android News

    9 Best Wireless Chargers for Android

    Looking for the best wireless charger for your Android device? Look no further as Phandroid has compiled a list of the best accessories you can buy.
  6. Android News

    Samsung could be working on dual wireless charging pads

    Samsung has patented a dual wireless charging pad. The patented item would seem to work similarly to Apple's, where you can set multiple devices on the pad to charge them at the same time.
  7. Android News

    Pi charging device can charge your phone from a distance

    Wireless charging still requires you have a compatible pad, but the new Pi charging device aims to make wireless charging as simple as setting your device near a base station.
  8. Android News

    DEAL: Get the Seneo 10W wireless charger for just $15

    Amazon is offering the Seneo 10W fast wireless charger for just $15 after using the coupon code "8354OREN".
  9. Android News

    A new wireless charging system could let your device charge 1 meter away from the charging pad

    Wireless charging is still in its infancy as it's not widely accepted and has its drawback of needing to be right on top of a charging pad. However, a new system detailed in a paper by some Stanford researchers could allow for a system that can charge your device when it's up to 3 feet away from...
  10. Android News

    The new Samsung Wireless Charging Stand is available for pre-order on Amazon

    At the Galaxy S8 event, Samsung announced a new wireless charging stand, and now Amazon has it available for pre-order. Pricing starts at $89.99 and it will be released on April 20th.
  11. Android News

    A new patent from Sony describes wireless charging through NFC

    Wireless charging is still in its infancy years. Sony is working on a new way to configure wireless charging between two devices which would rely on NFC in the same way that Bluetooth settings can be configured between two devices with NFC.
  12. Android News

    Wireless charging security chip could keep cheap charging pads from killing your phone

    Researchers at MIT have come up with a wireless charging security chip mechanism which would allow a cryptographic handshake between mobile devices and charging pads. If the phone isn't able to complete the cryptographic handshake with the charging pad, it would be able to change the frequency...
  13. Android News

    Asus Designo Curve MX38VQ desktop display sports Qi wireless charging

    The 37.5-inch, 3,840 x 1,600 Asus Designo Curve MX38VQ desktop display is impressive on its own, but it's more appealing if you own a smartphone with Qi wireless charging capabilities. The new monitor features a Qi wireless charging built into the base of the stand, allowing you to move the Qi...
  14. Android News

    Here 7 of the coolest accessories for your new Android smartphone

    Android Authority has compiled a list of the coolest accessories to get for your new Android smartphone. The list includes a battery pack, wireless charging pad, headphones, and a smartwatch or fitness tracker.
  15. Android News

    This accessory lets you have wireless charging on the Google Pixel phones

    As long as you don't mind using a case, you can add wireless charging capabilities to the Pixel and Pixel XL. This is possible thanks to a wireless charging receiver that works with USB Type-C.
  16. Android News

    Deal: Get the Samsung Fast Wireless Charger for $30

    Amazon currently has Samsung's Fast Wireless Charger on sale for just $30. This is down from the regular price of $41.99 and works with the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5.
  17. Android News

    LG announces a new wireless charging pad that may charge as fast as wired chargers

    LG has introduced a new 15W wireless charger and promises that this will allow your device to be charged as fast as if it were plugged in. The charging pad will be coming to North America, Europe, and Australia later this month.
  18. Android News

    Samsung patent shows what its future wireless chargers could look like

    A new Samsung patent has come to light, revealing what the company's wireless chargers may look like. The images and descriptions highlight a tall pedestal which a smartwatch can wrap around with a smartphone placed on top - charging both devices at once. There is no indication that this design...
  19. Android News

    LG's new wireless charging technology is just as fast as wired chargers

    LG's Innotek division has announced that is has developed a 15-watt wireless charger that's compatible with Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance's standards. The charger would be able to charge a phone's battery 3 times faster than current wireless chargers that are on the market.
  20. Android News

    LG Innotek's fast wireless charger can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes

    LG Innotek -- a subsidiary of LG -- has announced a new breakthrough in wireless charging. The company has figured out 15-watt charging speeds over current wireless charging standards by the WPC and AirFuel Alliance. The charging technology is said to be just as fast as current USB standards...
  21. Android News

    DEAL: Until March 19th, you can get 2 Samsung Fast Wireless Chargers for the price of one

    Samsung is having a promotion right now where you can get two of their fast wireless chargers for the price of one. On top of that, if you purchased the S7 or S7 Edge, then you can use the 30% off promo for your order as well.
  22. Android News

    5 wireless charging pads for the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

    One of the most convenient features of the Galaxy S7 is wireless charging. What makes it even better is the addition of FAST wireless charging, which can nearly rival wired fast charging speeds. Android Central has shared some of the best wireless chargers for the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. They...
  23. Android News

    DEAL: Verizon has Samsung's Fast Wireless Charger bundle for $99

    Verizon is putting up a pre-sale for the Samsung Fast Charge Everywhere bundle. It's going for $99, which is $85 off its usual price tag. That includes a fast wireless charger, a 10,200mAh portable battery pack and a fast car charger.
  24. Android News

    Mophie's battery case for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge charges your battery wirelessly

    Mophie has announced a battery case for both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. These battery cases have give your device an extra 3,300mAh of juice, and it will charge it wirelessly too.
  25. Android News

    Google is requesting permission to charge their self-driving cars wirelessly

    Google has published a filing with the FCC to request permission for using wireless charging stations at its headquarters campus and the nearby Castle facility. It's unclear if this wireless charging will make it into the final product, but at least for test purposes, Google is toying with the...