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  1. Fatbomb

    [GAME][PRE-REGISTER] Subliminal Words

    Here is a unique word search game. Can you see it? There are 100 levels total and a side story. It is maybe possible to rest your eyes with it :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indest.subliminalwords
  2. A

    Letters Match: Pairs Puzzle - puzzle game for relax [Free] [Game]

    Hi, everybody! ;) I am an indie developer and I created cool letters puzzle game - Letters Match. I would appreciate feedback and ideas for improvement. Thanx! Letters Match combines the best of the games you love. It’s a mix of pairs matching, word searching and field clearing games. We take...
  3. S

    Help Gboard word auto suggest while language switch disabled

    Hi, I'm trying to use Gboard with LineageOS in 3 languages. I'd like to keep the emojis keys, which I can't have with language switch key at the same time. I noticed that when language switch key is disabled, word suggestions disappear. Would you know, dear community, a workaround? Thanks you!
  4. CryogenWare

    [Free][Game] Word Bravo a 450+ Level Word Puzzle Game

    Our brand new 2 person project Word Game is now available on Googleplay. We've added a ton of features, unlockable characters, and a variety of levels for players to complete. Below is a brief summary of our new game! Word Bravo is the ultimate word search puzzle game for anyone who loves brain...
  5. PlayAddagrams

    Addagrams - Personal Daily Word Puzzle

    The first of its kind, Addagrams is a word puzzle with a personality: yours! We're offering an ad-free experience for new players. Play now for free or learn more about us below: Game Overview In every round of Addagrams, you make two words from any mix of the available letter tiles. And with...
  6. O

    WOW: WordLee Word Game Offline

    Try this guys... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordlee.wow.crossword.wordgame.aword.wowwordgame Do you have any comment?
  7. Dimitrios Vasilakis

    Contacts to Word

    This is an app that was missing from android Google Play or Huawei App Gallery. (Still missing for iPhone devices :p:p)) Contacts to word is the best way to get a well-formatted document with your phone contacts. It is good because supports ALL contacts fields INCLUDING avatar!!! It's...
  8. Fatbomb

    [Free] Hah - palindrome puzzles (50 x Instant Pictures - $1.99)

    MOM, DAD, SIS - the list can continue... Some words are special. They read the same from either side. Play the game instantly here: Hah: palindrome puzzles - Apps on Google Play
  9. S

    [Free][New Game] Word Search

    Hi guys. I'm from Ukraine. I'm a novice Android developer. And this is my third app on Google play called Word Search. Don't judge strictly) It took me about 3 months to develop the game. You can say that such games are already available in Google play. You're right, but in my game you can...
  10. Android News

    Small Microsoft Office updates for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word now in Play Store

    Microsoft has released a few small incremental improvements to its suite of office apps available on Android, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can now capture whiteboards in Word and PowerPoint and open documents with form controls in Excel.