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  1. R

    What is "Waiting for Debugger"?

    I'm developing my app with C#/VS/Xamarin. It works. And up to recently I could debug the app on my Samsung A51 via Visual Studio. BUT now I cannot. When I start debugging, I get a message on Android that it's Waiting for Debugger. The "Debugger" never appears. My phone is attached to the...
  2. Anitha_Rjs

    Is this possible in Google Play Store?

    Hi, We are working on a Xamarin project that needs to get the date of purchase of a Paid App that was posted in Android Playstore. I can see iOS providing the direct API for validating the receipt. FYI, I'm not looking for an In-app purchase receipt. I'm looking for an initial paid app...
  3. Android News

    Microsoft demos Xamarin tools for writing apps on Windows, iOS and Android

    During the Build 2016 developer conference, Microsoft showed off some cross platform tools for writing applications. The company acquired Xamarin back in February of this year and the demo showed how a developer could take an app built in Visual Studio, then "reverse port" it over to iOS and...
  4. Android News

    Microsoft acquires Xamarin, a leading platform provider for mobile app development

    Xamarin enables developers to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using C#. The company has 15,000 customers in 120 countries and 100 of those customers are Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft has just announced they have acquired the talent and technology behind Xamarin for an...