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  1. Android News

    One Handed Mode by XDA brings shrunken UIs for all

    XDA has introduced a new app that brings one-handed mode to any phone. It makes the phone UI smaller so you can operate it with one hand, a handy feature for big phones which don't include something similar by default.
  2. Android News

    XDA interviews some team members of the Substratum Theme Engine

    The Substratum Theme Engine lets you theme certain elements of the stock UI, as well as the applications you have installed. Punya from XDA was able to sit down with a couple of members behind this application for an interview.
  3. Android News

    An XDA community member fixes the speakerphone echo bug on the Nexus 6

    With the Nexus 6 no longer receiving anymore OTA updates (other that security patches), an XDA community member has stepped up and fixed a speakerphone echo bug that many people have been experiencing on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.
  4. Android News

    How To: Turn your OnePlus 3T into a Pixel XL

    XDA TV has published a video which shows you how you can turn your OnePlus 3T into a Pixel XL, but you will need to be rooted in order for this to happen.
  5. Android News

    Android Nougat makes its way to the Nexus 4 thanks to XDA

    If you've ever wondered why the Android community is so great, look at all the examples of custom ROM's being developed for devices that have been left in the dust. The Nexus 4 (released in 2012) is the latest device to see unofficial support for Android 7.0 Nougat thanks to a new custom ROM on...
  6. Android News

    Android 7.0 Nougat can now be loaded onto the Sony Xperia SP

    Although released back in 2013, the Sony Xperia SP was destined to be stuck on Android Jelly Bean after the release of Android Lollipop. However, an XDA developer has been able to load a custom Android Nougat ROM onto the device, again showing the power of community development.
  7. Android News

    Nextbit Robin apps ported to all Android 6.0+ devices

    A user on XDA has figured out a way to get the launcher, camera and gallery apps which can only be found on the Nextbit Robin, ported to other devices. If your device is running at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you'll be able to download these and try them out.
  8. Android News

    Android Pay now supports a modified DPI and works on rooted devices

    Many folks have been rooting their devices just to change the DPI setting on the device. With Android N, you can manually change the DPI yourself, but until the Dev Preview 3, changing the DPI would break Android Pay. Thanks to version 1.3 of Android Pay, you can change the DPI of your device...
  9. Android News

    The first flashable stock firmware for the LG G5 hits XDA

    For those out there who like to root and rom your devices, then you love seeing just quickly developers move when creating new software versions for the newest devices. A developer by the name of "autoprime" has released a stock firmware for the LG G5 on XDA.
  10. Android News

    XDA Developers announces they are working on a phone, the XDA Labphone [April Fools]

    Even XDA Developers are getting in on the April Fools fun as the team has just announced what they are calling the XDA Labphone. Spun off of their newest application, XDA Labs, the XDA Labphone is said to pack the best internals available into a durable, sleek design.
  11. Android News

    Nexus 6P MultiROM lets root users choose from mulitple ROMs to boot

    Root users with the Nexus 6P may be happy to hear that MultiROM has come to their device, courtesy of the devs at XDA. It'll let you load multiple ROMs on your device and select which one to load whenever you restart your device.
  12. Android News

    An interview with David Ko, the co-founder of Jide and the developers behind Remix OS

    XDA had a chance to sit down with the co-founder of Jide to talk about Remix OS and how he feels it will be the desktop OS of the future.
  13. E

    TWRP is now officially available for the HTC One A9

    Community developers were able to get a beta version of TWRP working on the HTC One A9 back in November of last year, but today it received an official build. You can download the latest v3.0.0-0 of TWRP for the HTC One A9 right now from the official TWRP website.
  14. Rob

    XDA: What you get for $199 with honor 5X [VIDEO]

    Pretty good video from XDA explaining what your $199 investment gets you with the honor 5X. Short version: lots!