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xposed framework

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    This Xposed Module lets you download music from SoundCloud

    You could pay for SoundCloud Pro to download music from the application, or you could use an Xposed Module. There's a new one called SoundCloud Downloader that will let you download music from SoundCloud directly onto your device.
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    The XKik Xposed module lets you disable read receipts on Kik Messenger and more

    If you're a fan of Kik Messengers and also have root with Xposed Framework installed, then you can try out this XKik Xposed module. The latest version comes with the following features. . . Chat - Fake Camera - Block Read Receipts - Block Typing Receipts Visual - Small color tweaks -...
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    This Xposed Module lets you use the Galaxy S8's new navigation buttons on other devices

    If you have Xposed on your device, you can download and install the Galaxy S8 Navigation Bar Xposed Module to make your navigation bar look like it does on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.
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    The XVoice+ Xposed module makes Google Voice work with 3rd-party messaging apps

    As long as you're using Google Voice version or lower, you can use the XVoice+ Xposed module to route all outbound SMS messages through Google Voice.
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    The Google Search Bar Destroyer Xposed Module removes the Google search bar on almost any launcher

    Google doesn't make it easy to remove the Google search bar on their launchers and some make this task difficult as well. Thankfully though, there's a new Xposed Module that will make this search bar disappear on almost any launcher available.
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    This Xposed Module lets you change the default home tab and max resolution in YouTube

    There's an Xposed Module called YouTube+ that helps enhance the functionality of the official YouTube application. With this, you can change what the default home tab is, as well as changing the max resolution of the videos you watch.
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    The AllTrans Xposed module will translate any Android app into another language

    It can be easy to translate text within a website, but translating an entire application is harder than it should be. Thankfully, the AllTrans Xposed module is able to do just that as long as you can install Xposed Framework.
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    The WhatsApp Old Emoji Xposed Module brings the old emoji style back to WhatsApp

    WhatsApp recently changed the way they displayed emojis within the chat, and that didn't sit will with some people. So a community developer whipped up an Xposed Module that brings back the old style to WhatsApp.
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    The Chrome Selection Patch Xposed Module improves text selection in Chrome

    There's a new Xposed Module called Chrome Selection Patch. When installed, you can copy, share and search text in areas that wasn't possible before (like the text field). This module also lets you perform a web search in Incognito Mode, and gives you a shortcut for sharing a URL.
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    This Xposed Module lets you have the Pixel's frosted dock on an Android 6.0 device

    When you use the Pixel Launcher on Android 7.0, the dock has a frosted look to it that isn't present on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, the Pixel Dock Xposed Module will let you imitate that dock on your Marshmallow smartphone or tablet.
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    The latest version of Xposed is now compatible with the November security update

    Version 87 of Xposed has been released and updated the app with compatibility for Google's November security update.
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    Here are some of the best Xposed Modules for the Honor 8

    The folks over at XDA have whipped up a video that focuses on working Xposed Modules for the Honor 8. This video features modules like Amplify, Assistant Enabler, Awesome Pop-up Video and more.
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    The Less Frequent Notification Xposed Module will limit the number of notifications you get

    If you feel a certain application sends too many notifications, but don't want to disable them completely, there's an Xposed Module for rooted users that will let you limit the number of notifications certain apps send.
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    Someone got Google Assistant to work on Marshmallow via Xposed and the AndroidN-ify module

    Google Assistant is only available on Android 7.1 with the Pixel and Pixel XL, but some have been able to get it working on 7.0 devices as well. A community developer took this even further and was able to get it working on Marshmallow with Xposed Framework and the AndroidN-ify module.
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    You can use an Xposed Module to simulate a gyroscope for Google Cardboard

    Not all smartphones ship with a gyroscope. Some OEMs skip this hardware to save on money while others might decide to exclude it for engineering reasons. Either way, there's an Xposed Module called VirtualSensor that you can install that will let you use Google Cardboard even if you don't have...
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    An unofficial and systemless version of Xposed Framework v.86 is now available

    The Xposed Framework is a popular tweak tool for a number of Android enthusiasts and this past weekend version .86 was released. Today, Recognized Contributor topjohnwu has released his mod of this mod, that makes Xposed Framework systemless.
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    Xposed Module can keep your screen awake when certain apps are active

    Screen timeout settings can save a ton of battery for people who forget to lock their smartphones and tablets. Sometimes though, having the timeout setting lock your phone abruptly can be annoying. For those who are rooted, and don't mind installing Xposed Framework, you'll be happy to hear...
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    Xposed module lets you swipe left or right to fast-forward and rewind YouTube videos

    There's an Xposed module called Youtube swipe to seek. Once installed, you can simply swipe left and right on top of a YouTube video to either fast-forward or rewind the current video you're watching. I've seen this on various media players for Android in the Play Store, but this mode will let...
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    Unofficial version of Xposed Framework released, makes it systemless

    Xposed Framework is a popular root modification that many in the community uses, but since it modifies the /system partition, it breaks things like Android Pay and OTA updates. XDA Recognized Contributor has recently released a port of this framework, but changes it in a way that makes it...
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    Help Upgrading a Rooted MEIZU M2 Note with Xposed Framework to Flyme 5 manually... possible?

    Hey guys MEIZU M2 Note finally had Flyme 5 released, I am currently on flyme and I wanted to update to Flyme 5 manually but I don't want to lose my data. I am rooted and have Xposed Framework installed with modules such as ObbOnSD and Flyme Tools. What will happen if I try to update? Is...
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    Android N-Ify is an Xposed Module that brings Android N experience to Lollipop and Marshmallow

    Users of the Xposed framework who have yet to be able to use Android N might get a little bit of reprieve in the meantime with this Xposed module. It's called Android N-Ify, and its purpose is to try and emulate the look and feel of Android N. While many of the features are superficial UI-based...
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    rovo89 updates Xposed to version 80 to fix bootloops and crashes

    Xposed Framework is up to version 80 now and the latest update brings the following changes. . . - 6.0 only: Fixed a bootloop, especially on LG devices, even though some crashes still occur in the settings (https://github.com/rovo89/Xposed/issues/100) - 5.0/5.1 only: Fixed a bootloop on...
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    Use Xposed, Amplify and Greenify to save battery life

    Johnathon of Android Authority take a look at a few in-depth ways to save on battery life with various customization options like Xposed Framework, Amplify and Greenify.
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    GravityBox for Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Available

    Now that Xposed Framework has been released for Marshmallow, we're starting to see some modules being updated to support the new version of Android. One of the most popular Xposed Modules, GravityBox, has just been updated and now supports the Android 6.0 Marshmallow