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zte force 4g lte

  1. iamjohnm

    ZTE WARP N9100 STOCK signed rom

    Is there anywhere I can download the stock n9100 signed room
  2. H

    Internal read/write speeds

    I seem to be getting 30/6 MB/s read/write on internal and 50/25 on my sd card. Is this normal? Most apps seem to launch quicker off of the microSD card.
  3. 2prevail

    Old dog, new tricks

    This phone has been collecting dust in the corner of a draw for sometime now but after my galaxy started bugging out I went back to it for a couple days... That was last month. I never thought I'd say it again but i really like this phone. It may not be on kitkat or lollipop but ive tried my...
  4. miraclemandi

    Help Question about rooted boost mobile zte n9100 before resetting to factory

    I have had my phone since Aug 2013 and I really love this phone. I finally rooted it just about two months ago and I have been doing a lot of reading on these site about the phone in general. I haven't been brave enough yet to try a ROM as I've only seen a couple listed for this device and I'm...
  5. TheFatDemon

    Root How do I remove the boot sound?

    I flashed the FP version of the JB ROM on my force and every time I reboot the phone, a little jingle plays. I have no problem with this but it plays EVERY TIME. Even with all sounds silenced. Does anyone know where the boot sound file is at? I can't seem to find anything under /system/media
  6. Fred Clown

    Turn off "Remove All" and Search button on recent app list?

    Anybody know of a way to get rid pf the "Remove All" button and the search button at the bottom of the recent apps list. I don't really like them and would rather use the one that comes with Gravity Box. Sure, I could have them both on the screen, but if I can turn off the one of the bottom I...
  7. N

    Root Driver issues?

    Never-mind found it
  8. V

    Help Headphone not working!!!

    my devices headphone not working on 3.5 no music
  9. spock1104

    Root [3.4.107] [Linaro] Schwartz v1.0 4/24/15

    Yogurt: I am the keeper of a greater magic, a power known throughout the universe... as the... Barf: ...the Force? Yogurt: No, the Schwartz! Introducing the Schwartz kernel. I've taken the stock kernel source from the N9810 Vital (a similar phone to the N9100 Force) and compiled it with...
  10. H

    Root Freedompop >> Boost?

    So Ive been looking everywhere I know of, google, boosts website, freedompops website/forums, and since this is the only place that really has any useful info on this phone I figured Id post here. Sorry if the answer is somewhere on these forums already, I swear, I put in a lot of search queries...
  11. P

    LTE Sim Card - Freedompop Force

    I understand that sprint and Verizon phones are CDMA and do not need sim cards, however, all LTE models have sim cards for LTE. I cannot find a sim card slot on my Freedompop force. Does the LTE work without sim card on freedompop?
  12. B

    Root Whatsapp message photos flipped sideways

    When I use Whatsapp to take photos on Jawbone's Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROM, the photos posted in the messages are always flipped sidways (laterally inverted). Can someone suggest a way to fix this problem? It seems like an app-dependent issue. The actual image files stored in the flash are not flipped.
  13. okay

    Root TowelRoot works with Freedompop Force with JB

    I haven't seen this posted here, but the current version of towelroot works great with the FreedomPop version of the Force that ships with Jellybean installed. Just go to towelroot.com and click to download the app. Run it and you have root. Most people here already have root, but since...
  14. T

    Help HARD bricked ZTE Force

    i have a freedompop(sprint) ZTE Force. i believe it hard bricked but not sure. (bootloader) screen is black, led stays on, does not flashes (recovery) flashed the wrong recovery.img, screen is black, power button resets (FTM) wont show ftm just android logo (fastboot) not sure what i need is...
  15. R

    Help zte force google play store server error

    I just got this phone and I can't install any apps because all I get is a server error in the google play store. I was thinking of rooting the phone to get it working. I tried a factory reset. It is setup for freedompop service so I can't use it until I can install some apps. I can't do it...
  16. M

    Root Freedompop Force..

    Anyone have any experience with the ZTE force on freedompop? I ordered one, since it was $25. It should be here someday soon, and I was wondering...How's the unlimited plan? I'm in dire need of something half decent for tethering at home, since we have no other options, i've been searching for...
  17. spock1104

    Attention FreedomPop users - beware data drain

    If you were like me and jumped on the $25 FreedomPop deal, chances are you're just getting your phone. Chances are you're also in the situation I'm in, where your phone is going to eat a lot of data repeatedly trying to update itself! On FreedomPop, this will matter a great deal to your...
  18. Buzbee

    Lollipop Update for ZTE Force

    I just noticed the HTC EVO 4G LTE (Jewel) is getting a Cyanogenmod Lollipop update. This device has the same Snapdragon "platform" as the ZTE Force: MSM8960 , Adreno 225, 1.5 Ghz Krait. Anyone feel like doing a port once Cyangenmod finalizes the 5.0.2 code for Jewel?
  19. spock1104

    Root [DEV] Kernel 3.4.0 pathfinding

    Hey guys, I just ordered a Force and am awaiting its arrival. In the mean time I'm familiarizing myself with the kernel for... reasons... and I figure trying to get this phone booting on 3.4.0 would be a worthy cause. As it turns out the Vital N9810 also has an MSM8960, a 3.4.0 kernel, and...
  20. D

    Root Camera Double-Flash

    I've been trying to take some pictures with my phone-s camera. In an environment with not a lot of light, they look horrible. I can either use night mode with no flash, which doesn't come out as bright as it should for one, and looks really grainy. If I use normal mode, and press the camera...
  21. TrustME90

    Root Enable toggles for stock jellybean

    Requirements: Xposed framework http://dl-xda.xposed.info/modules/de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v33_36570c.apk Resflux xposed module http://dl-xda.xposed.info/modules/com.iwisdomsky.resflux_v1_59427b.apk 1.open resflux and select laboratory 2.scroll to systemui.apk and select it 3...
  22. S

    Help Jelly Bean update for ICS is finally available

    This is a debloated, deodexed, prerooted Jelly Bean update which should work on Sprint Force 4G, Boost Mobile Force 4G, and Virgin Mobile Force 4G. Comes from Sprint source and tested good with boost. Community effort. See this thread...
  23. S

    Root FINALLY A WORKING JELLY BEAN ROM!! Public release! Update from ICS!

    Well it has been a long time coming but we finally have a working Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROM that can be flashed onto the ICS phones! It started with Shinru2004 and his nandroid dump of a Sprint 4.1.2 Force 4g. SuperR took that nandroid and made a flashable debloated, rooted, de-odexed zip...
  24. C

    Root I need help with Custom ROMs

    I'm brand new to this whole root thing and don't really understand how this all works. I mostly used apple products and Jailbreak is so straightforward and all of this is just confusing. I have my phone rooted and a custom recovery and now I just need to make a step towards getting roms but I...
  25. Z

    voicemail apk?

    I was just using my titanium backup again and low and behold i just never backed up the voicemail app... Just about everyhing else except that and the email app. I really don't feel like using my cwm recovery for this. Anyone know where the stock apk files are?