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All Document Viewer PDF Reader

Mehak Gul

Jun 26, 2019
Document reader-PDF reader is docx viewer and offline reader to view word documents and read word doc of all file formats. All file viewer app makes it easy to view documents on a single platform for reading documents.
PDF word files, PPT presentations, excel sheets are most commonly used office files, all document reader app & all file reader lets you to open docs and view word documents in your phone to read and share word documents.
No need of document search for viewing particular file format for reading documents, all file viewer app provides separated file format folders of PDF files, word files, PPT slides etc. All document viewer & all file reader without wasting time easily search specific PDF files or view word document.
All Document reader-PDF reader benefits users for reading documents in an app with following features:
All document viewer supports multiple document formats; word, excel, PPT etc to read.
Document reader and viewer show your phone storage occupied by the documents and free storage.
Documents app serves as all-in-one file viewer; PDF viewer, excel viewer, docs reader, text viewer, and PPT viewer with fast document performance.
Doc reader & PPT viewer has simple user interface, quite easy to view document and read word documents on all document viewer pdf reader.
All Document Reader
All document viewer easily open word documents, PDF word files, PPT slides, word excel spreadsheet and make them readable. Best doc reader open word document and further clarifies reading by zoom in and zoom out the documents.
Manage Documents
All document viewer manages all office file to view and read word documents. Document reader manage documents by renaming the file name, that makes it easy to search word excel and PDF word files to read word doc.
You can delete the word documents, PDF files etc that saves the phone storage. All file reader easily searches the required files and share word documents files with others.
Documents Folders
Document reader examines the word document files folder in your phone and opens them for viewing and reading documents. Document app is quite convenient to easily access and open word document present in the folders.
All File Reader
All document reader makes available the entire documents files of all file format; PDF word files, word excel sheets, PPT slides presentations etc present in your phone to read word document. For viewing and reading documents of all format, doc reader enables you to view word document and then reading documents.
Make Favorite Documents
All file reader view documents and add in the list of favorite documents. Documents in the favorite file are easy to open docs, view and read word document. You can add most commonly used office documents, school documents or team documents in your favorite list that enable fast opening of the required documents.
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