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An "app" won't leave me alone (battery plus?)

The Lost

Apr 13, 2012
I keep getting messages from a browser app (it's not even in the app store). It's called battery plus, and my phone wont auto instal and warns me that manually installing could be a bad idea so I won't! It keeps sending a message that says my battery is running low (even when my battery is full! And even while its still plugged in on charge!). It make the very unlikely statement that it could increase my battery life by 200%!

Can someone please help me stop this.

Thanks, :)
Hi and Welcome to AF,

OK, I think I've found what you are talking about: a website that makes such claims & tries to automatically download an apk (onto my laptop, so certainly wasting its time!). Even if I believed the claims I'd avoid this just for being too pushy! ;)

The question is, why do you keep getting messages? Is there something installed on your phone, or does the browser just keep connecting to this site? It sounds like the latter, so I'd try to start simple: clear browser history and cookies, check your homepage hasn't been changed, anything that could be taking you back to this site.
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