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Help Android Auto on Xiaomi - Low resolution image casting


Oct 2, 2022

i would ask you an help about a problem related to Android Auto.

Phone: Xiaomi RedMi Note 9S

MIUI Version: 13.0.1
Android Version: 12 SKQ1.211019.001
Android Auto Version:
Car Head Unit: Sync 3.4 on Ford Puma St-Line X

One week ago i purchased my new car. Everything was perfect, but when i tried to connect my Xiaomi to the Head Unit through Android Auto, i realized that the screen casting had an awful image quality: Android Auto seems in low resolution, and sometimes appear some colour artifacts (photos attached).

So, i tried to understand if the problem was my Car Head Unit, or my Xiaomi. I connected various phone to the Head Unit, and in those cases the connection and the display quality were perfect.
Aswell, i tried to connect my phone to different cars, and to the Android Auto Desktop Emulator, and i kept having always the same horrible quality image.

So, from this i got that the problem was my Xiaomi.
I tried everything: with different USB 3.0 Type C cables, i tried entering developer options and change the resolution, i tried the Debug USB mode, i tried deleting and re-installing Android Auto App, and i tried aswell to download a newer beta-version of AA... nothing worked.

But i discovered something: i tried to connect two other Xiaomis... two Xiaomi RedMi Note 10. I imagined that, being the same phone, they would have had the same results. But...

Xiaomi RedMi Note 10 with MIUI 13.0.3 and Android 12 SP1A = no problems, perfect screen casting
Xiaomi RedMi Note 10 with MIUI 13.06 and Android 12 SKQ1 = low resolution, like my Xiaomi RedMi Note 9s
Alle three phones had both the same Android Auto version (

So.. it's possible that my Android Auto problem comes from the Android 12 SKQ version?
Someone else had my same problem? There is a way to fix this, or, maybe, to change the Android version from 12SKQ to 12SP1A?

Senza titolo2.png

Senza titolo.png
You could try asking in the revised Xiaomi Community App, or or possibly a better bet is to send "feedback" in Services and Feedback at the bottom of Settings. I usually get a human response there within s couple of days iirc.

I did submit an Ask for you in the Community (forum) App with one sentence, but it said there were no related questions, or something similar.

I haven't used the community app, it was very confusing in the past. I was recommended to try it again.

I'm in the UK and my daily is a Poco F2 which has Android 12 SKQ1, but I can't help as I have no access to an AA vehicle.
(I also have a Mi 10 Lite at home)
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I found a way to "get around" the problem. Using the "official" AAWireless dongle ( https://www.aawireless.io/ ), so not using the cabled USB connection, i had no more resolution problems.

I know that buying something else isn't a real solution, but at least this is a way to use AA in a good quality.

Actually there are a lot of cheaper dongles than this on Amazon, but i didn't try them, so don't know if they will resolve aswell the problem.

Hope this will help anyone that was in my situation.

Greetings from Italy
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