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Android connections


Jun 13, 2012
I'm new to Android, coming from the world of Blackberry. I enjoy my new Ascend 2 but miss my BB keypad.

Can I connect two Android phones together in such a way as to use the Keyboard from one device as a human interface device (HID) for the other device. I really hate the on-screen keyboards.

I've looked into Bluetooth keyboards and that might me an option. I cant seem to find a Mini keyboard that I like. And I've tried to connect my old BB to the android but these two devices aren't cooperating.

Would an ad hoc connection allow me to control one phone with another? Send email and text messages and such.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Some Blackberrys will connect to androids for use as a HID device. Blackberry's will Bluetooth connect to a PS3, Android, and Playbook and maybe other devices using the HID 2.0 software released by RIM.

My BB was having Bluetooth issues. Having been dropped too many times, it's why I finally switched to the droid, my Carrier stopped selling BB's.

I can connect the two phones for file transfers, but only the droid is able to transfer files to the BB. The BB wont transfers files to the droid but will transfer the contacts file.

So yeah it is possible, other peeps are doing it, but my equipment won't work.
And by the way, the two OS's are very compatible. At least they will play nice together.
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Android can't even see adhoc connections.

While not natively supported, the hardware on every android device released to date do support Ad Hoc networks. It is just disabled in software, and you would need to enable it in order to use these features.

It is however, fairly easy to do this, but you need to be root, and the specifics may be slightly different between different devices. Your best source for more informationa about this, would be XDA developers: Android Development and Hacking - xda-developers. Most of the existing solutions are based on replacing wpa_supplicant, and is the method I would recommend if possible on your device. For more details, see szym.net
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