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android programming help


Apr 13, 2021
please anyone help me with this programming exercise?

Part 1: Create a webpage for a hypothetical college called ABC Technology College
1. Each of the pages should display a header showing the logo of the college and its full name. Clicking on the logo or the text should take you to the home page. (P.S. Create a simple logo with the letters. Something like
2. It should have the following structure. These items should appear as a horizontal menu at the top of your every page. Submenus should appear as dropdown when the mouse is hovered on the top menu.
a. Home b. Education i. Undergraduate ii. Graduate c. Research i. Social Studies ii. Scientific d. Admissions e. About Us
3. Each of your pages should have a footer that has a textual copyright information and links to the following additional pages. a. Disclaimer b. Contact Us
4. Your homepage should have a single column displaying a scrolling set of 4 images. Each of the images should have some image and text related to the following topics. Clicking on the images should take to their corresponding pages a. Undergraduate Studies b. Graduate Studies c. Social Studies Research d. Scientific Research
5. The rest of your pages should contain two columns in between the top menu and the footer. The left column should take 2/3 of the available space and the right column should contain 1/3 of the space. The content on the right column is identical in every page. It should show a list populated with links to all your other pages.
6. For each page the left column should contain the main content of the page. Try and find appropriate text and imagery to populate your pages.
a. Undergraduate page should show a box providing brief description of the undergraduate departments and a link to each of the departmental pages. Choose three departments of your choice.
b. Graduate page should show a box providing brief description of the graduate departments and a link to each of the departmental pages. Choose three departments of your choice.
c. Do a similar design for the Social Studies and Scientific pages
7. The Admissions page should display a graduate and Undergraduate application form. The forms should be submitted to http://abctechnology.edu.et/graduate_admission.php and http://abctechnology.edu.et/undergraduate_admission.php. You do not need to implement the backend logic. Ensure the forms have a reasonable set of fields needed for admissions. You might take the list of needed fields from one of the admissions pages of your favorite university.
8. Use the concepts you learned for HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery to create the website. Creating the webpage using content management systems like wordpress or Joomla is not allowed.
9. You will need to make your own research on how a scrolling image slider can be created.
10. Take an effort to create a visual design that is both appealing to view and easy to use.


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