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Angry birds haters?

I hated it at first because it was so cool. Then I realized how lame I was being by doing that. When Rio was free on the Amazon App store I bought that and really enjoyed it, so I purchased seasons and then Space when it was released.

I've enjoyed them all a lot. They're great games when you need to kill a couple minutes of time. I mostly play when I'm waiting to get my kids after school or in a waiting room.

I even went as far as to get the Roku II Angry Birds LE.

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lol !!! its a nice game ... can u til us why u hate it ?

Cuz it's boooooooooorrrrring. Yet it gets so much hype and praise. and angry birds, rio, seasons is just the same stuff recycled. Can't say that bout space tho I think it's just an okay game. There's just so many better physics games at the market that angry birds being fronted is just shameful.

For a cool physics game, check out "Blow up" or "cut the rope: experiments". Way better than AB lol
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I bought Space premium and having the Galaxy Note also have Danger Zone. It's great for some time-killing. But to play it for some extended time; it gets boring really fast. For some reason, I'm having more fun with Seige Hero than Angry Birds. It's my first go to game if I'm in the mood for this sort of puzzle/physics game. Then if I get bored of it, go to Angry Birds (which I rarely do).
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I play it to kill time. On the wildfire S, it was kind of hard to experiment with the limited stock memory, but I liked it well enough, and it gives me and my 7 year old daughter something to compete semi-fairly on. The only other game I had on the phone before the root last weekend was cut the rope, and that was only on there to keep the 4 year old entertained while we waited at restaurants.
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I finally decided to play Angry Birds for the first time the other day just so that I would have an understanding of a major mobile trend.

Same thing with Facebook games. I played Mafia Wars, had fun racking up a ton of facebook friends just for that game and then I dumped them all because it was so boring.
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It's probably that you don't hate the game, you hate its ubiquity. Hear me out...

Angry Birds is like Nickelback. It's not to heavy, but not really pop, the melody is likeable enough. It's like this perfect "grey" experience that is so suitable to everyone that it gets heavily played, heavily marketed, and the public is bombarded with it. So much so, that when you hear the words "Nickelback" you just want to throw up. Angry Birds is the same thing, it's easy to pick up, enjoyable to play, suits every conceivable demographic, is almost completely non-offensive, so it's everywhere.

Ubiquity kills non-polar experiences. They will still be popular among the masses, but the mavens of the art will always dislike the ubiquitous option because a.) They are so surrounded by it that it gets old -and- b.) Non-mavens of the art form will assume themselves on par with mavens due to their awareness of the particular band/games popularity.
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