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AUC8 BIG update for U.S. Snapdragon S21 series, camera & April security patch


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Aug 17, 2010
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This latest update is the 2nd for the Snapdragon U.S.A. country variants.

The AUC8 update is rolling out for the U.S.A. Snapdragon carrier S21 series models, SM-G99*U, (carrier locked), and SM-99*U1, (carrier unlocked).

It is a big, circa, 1GB download

[UPDATE] Releases so far, as of 13.00 hrs, UTC, 13 April 2021...

U.S. devices, SM-G99*U1 (carrier unlocked)
  • Cellular South
  • USA (generic) CSC code TMK
  • USA (generic) CSC code USC
  • USA (generic) CSC code XAA
  • USA (generic) CSC code AIO
  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Bluegrass Cellular
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile (USA)
  • Nextech/C-Spire
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Sprint (cdma)
  • Tracphone

U.S. devices, SM-G99*U (carrier locked)
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Comcast
  • T-Mobile (USA)
  • Sprint (cdma)
  • Verizon
  • USA CSC code USC

This is the 2nd stable update in 69 days
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Hoping for better battery performance. The March update did nothing. The S21 is pretty awful with 3-4% drain per hour doing nothing with the phone in motion (e.g. in a pocket). It's the sensor activity that drains the power. It's not any apps doing that. With the phone resting on a table it will still drain at least 2% an hour.

Installed the updated, rebooted for good measure, now trying the resting power drain test. update: 5 hours 7% drain with the phone sitting on the sofa (sent and received two texts). Update: 10 hours sitting on the couch, 16% drain. I'll let it sit unplugged overnight. Essentially I have been keeping the phone plugged in 24x7 due to sensors draining the battery. It would be nice to carry it around instead of leaving it plugged in.

Update: 22 hours 30% drain. Phone sitting still on the sofa. I guess that's a little better than it was. I'll have to test carrying after I charge it back up.
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