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Best place to sell used tech & electronics?


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  • Mar 26, 2008
    I've accumulated soooo many "devices" over the years.

    Many of the devices I'll probably never sell, purely out of nostalgia (T-Mobile G1, Motorola XOOM, Google Glass, Palm Pre etc...), but others I'm needlessly holding onto for no reason (unused chromebooks, tablets, phones, 360 cameras, OG HTC Vive, etc...).

    Where's the best place to sell used electronics these days? I'm planning to list some items across a few different platforms -- assuming eBay and Facebook Marketplace are the defacto standards these days -- but curious how people like/dislike other marketplaces these days? I remember Swappa caught steam for a bit but pretty sure that died out.

    I've also got a zillion cables and cords, but assume unless they're rare and in high demand -- like an original NES power cable or something -- they're essentially useless. And don't get me started on the number of cheap still-in-the-package headphones that should have gone straight into the trashcan.

    So let's hear it: what's your favorite place to sell used stuff?
    I made a reply to a thread @ another site about my first AV receiver. It was a Denon that cost a bit over a grand new back then, it is listed on fleabay for less than a hundred dollars ....

    Back in the day I was in a circle that watched free satellite signals, had my own receivers and dishes and such. When that stuff is outdated it is worth less than nothing, I threw away 3 IRD's that I paid over a 100 dollars each for them only 'cause I could not give them away ...


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