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Busted my Android Cherry

Hello all,

Last night a tossed as my blackberry (which I never embraced) and bought an HTC EVO 4G.

I was a loooong time Treo & AT&T customer, and really wanted the Pre, but it was only available on Sprint. Then it didn't appear to sell well, but was well liked. Then friends bought android phones and were blown away. after a year of contemplating I'm all in. I divorced AT&T and eloped with Sprint. God, I hope I don't have buyers remorse.

Haven't had the phone for 24 hours yet, but love everything but the ringtones. I can't customize them across various programs. :mad: [granted I may not have found how to do that yet.]

This site seems to be full of great information and knowledgeable folks.

Thanks for all the hard work and I hope to contribute going forward!
Welcome to the Android Forums!

On Android ringtone selection is localized to each app. The settings in the app drawer typically allow you to set ringtones for phone calls. If you go into the text messaging app and go to settings/options, you can set ringtones for text messages. And similar is true also for email...

Thanks for the welcome. :)

In regard to the ringtones I can't have one contact ring tone work across various programs/apps.

Example. If I assign you a custom ringtone in BB, that tone will be uses when you send me an email, sms/mms, or call me on the phone.

That option isn't available on android.
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