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Cant find Pokemon Leaf Green .sav file on my android


Jul 30, 2017
Hey guys! I was wondering if you can remind me of how to transfer MyBoy emulator pokemon leaf green save files from my HTC one M9 to my PC and back on... The thing is ... I was already doing it half a year ago and when I tried to do it again now... I just forgot how to do it... I remember that I copied .gba file along with .sav file I think and then importen that on my VBA on PC... But when I connected my phone couple days ago, wanted to transfer a shiny geodude I got to my PC ... I just didnt find the .sav file on my phone storage... It is very strange, because my phone loads , playes and saves the games fine... but there is just no .sav file anywhere ... I've even tried to find it through windows search... How can this be?


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