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Charge port cover/flap


May 27, 2021
My Cat S41's USB/Charge port cover/flap broke off. Does anyone know if it is still waterproof ? Cat customer service told me yes and no, First time I asked they said the charge port has an o-ring seal inside against the frame so is still water tight, but second person I spoke to said no it isn't waterproof anymore without it. So has anyone washed or dropped their S41 in water without that cover ? What happened ? Cat won't sell replacement parts for its phones witch is crazy considering all the s41's for sale on Ebay/Amazon etc.. are missing that cover. There are thousands of these phones out there and a new cover can't be found anywhere, even aftermarket. The entire charge port circuit board can be bought on Ebay and dose indeed have an o-ring seal, and the actual charge port is a solid piece of plastic so it looks water tight. Please, if anyone knows if it is still waterproof or how to get another cover, let me know, Thanks
I had to google cat phone as I was not familiar with that one, nice phone.

My question is about the slide door for the Sim/Memory card. Is it still waterproof with that door missing ? That is just a slide opening with no gasket or oring to seal it, if the ports for the cards are sealed how about the slots themselves ?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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I never heard of Google Cat phone. My Cat (Catapillar) S41 has a sim/sd port cover but isn't waterproof without it. The sim/sd tray slides directly into the motherboard, the cover is the only thing protecting from water & dirt. I hope somebody can answer if its still waterproof without the USB cover. Both the USB circuit board and headphone jack have o-ring seals inside, so I'm hoping that means they are waterproof without the covers/flaps, but the sim/sd are %100 not.
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