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Help Chrome Google Search and Autocomplete?


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Apr 16, 2018
I like the Z Fold 3, and Now 4 (I returned the 3), BUT, it has not been a simple changeover for me like on other devices.

I have through some advice here suspended use and installation of Dolphin browser.

I have been trying and using other browsers, one of them being the installed Chrome browser. I don't have anything more than a few instances of using Chrome over the years. I have noticed that when I do a Google search in Chrome, I am getting what I call, or think might be "autocomplete", but again, I am not really sure. This is frustrating me because it keeps auto completing based on prior searches. If I want to search with some of the words used previously, I have to delete some of the words that it is trying to autocomplete. It is a real hassle. I have gone through my Google account and the Chrome settings to see if I can turn off settings that are causing this. No luck so far.


Search One:
Dogs with black spots

Search Two:
I want to just search for:
As soon as I start to type "Dogs", it autocompletes "with black spots". The "with black spots" will be in a colored block. I either have to do a backup delete, or upon hitting return, or whatever you call it, it will just search for "Dogs with black spots.

I have exhausted everything I can think of in Chrome settings and my Google account with no real resolution.

I just thought of something as I typed this. I have installed "Gboard" and made Google keyboard the default keyboard. Short of finding something I can change there, I am running out of ways to solve this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

In Chrome just tap the small microphone in the url field along the top. You also have the option to use the Google app, not the chrome browser to use for doing a search. And instead of typing out your search, tap the little microphone and talk aloud your search. It's a lot easier than typing out your searches. Also try using the Google Assistant app to do this.
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Or just use another browser which doesn't do this ;).

You know, after I posted that I had this solved, I realized that I only had it half solved, so your posting/advice is spot on. What I found out is, that, at least the way I have Chrome set up and use it, it is handling Google searches two ways. Way number one is by the standard white Google search page with the daily Google graphic. I got that page working so that this autocomplete crap was no longer getting in the way. Text entered in the text box in the standard way. Page/handling number two came when you clicked to add a tab. When I did that, the Google search page looked slightly different. It had something that looked like what some browsers call "Speed Dial Icons" below the text/search box. When you typed into the Google text box, it then jumped the text being input into the URL box near the top, and then that autocomplete stuff started there. I could never stop it there like I could in the primary window. For all I know, that might be coded into Chrome and can't be changed, but in any case, I followed your advice before you even posted it and switched to a different browser.

Don't get me wrong, I like the phone. I started out with the Z Fold 3, returned it for some issues and got the 4, only to have the same issues. This has not been an easy transition and I have never had things go like this before.

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