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Decision Time


Aug 29, 2011
First time phone buyer! I've had a corporate issued blackberry for a decade but it's time I step out on my own company wise and therefore get a real phone.

So I'm looking for some advice, or confirmation perhaps, that I'm making the right choice. I'm looking at the Droid Bionic.

I've made this decision based on three major things: Carrier, Timeline and Specs.

I'm sticking with Verizon because my wife works at the same firm and is on Big Red with her crapberry, so free calls/text. I also live on the border of 4G LTE coverage, and even though the majority of my use will be WiFi (working from home :p), my clients will likely be in the 4G LTE areas of Indianapolis. Other carriers aren't even close to releasing LTE in Indy.

I have 3 weeks left to claim my old number before it goes back into the pool so I can't wait for the Nexus Prime, Droid HD, or iPhone 5. I'm phoneless now, so Sept 8th (Bionic's rumored release date) is about all the longer I can delay getting a phone anyway. Keeping my old number is important personally and professionally.

The Bionic is the only phone on the market that has meets my expectations "spec" wise. I want 4G LTE, enough horsepower to last 2 years, a beautiful screen, and decent battery life.

Am I doing the right thing? I know the Bionic has had a lot of bad press but I didn't know of it's existence until just a week ago so I could care less about the delays. And there's always going to be newer/better phones on the horizon, I just need something soon that will last me a couple years.

The only other options I can fathom is going with an Samsung Infuse 4G from AT&T, but I'll be stuck with HSPA+ speeds even though the refurb phone online is just $20. That'll save me a few bucks, but lack of LTE is a concern and potential additional charges having the wife on another carrier.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your advice/thoughts.
I like the HTC interface. The droid X2 physical buttons bothered me, but that's a personal thing. the samsung charge has a beautiful screen, but again, physical buttons (although IMO better than the droid X2). None of the 4G phones I'm aware of have excellent battery life (far from) They'll get better but their the first kids on the block.
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