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Double Jumpy Runner [Free][Game]


Aug 28, 2020
Hi all, I have made my very first game, named Double Jumpy Runner. It is available now on the the Google Play Store for android devices.

Please check it out and let me know what you think of it. Suggestion, feedback, comments are welcome (even if negative).

I have no coding experience at all. I decided to make this simple game for learning purposes and have been busy playing around with Unity and C# for the past month. Of course, this is just a simple project to get started. The ultimate goal is to make a full-blown platformer game (something like Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap which I love as a kid and still do). But I decided to stick with something small to start of with. And to learn how to release an app to the Google Play store as well.

As I do enjoy playing endless runner games (typically when I have few minutes to waste while waiting for public transport), I decided to make my own, but with a twist. Controlling 2 different characters at the same time, and even in different directions if desired.

Even for this game, it is still a work in progress. Some points that I already have in mind includes:
  • more variety in the gameplay, it gets boring/repetitive pretty quickly
  • perhaps the game starts of a bit too slow and takes a while to ramp up (but then again, I do get frustrated at times playing other endless runner games where I die after a few seconds)
  • takes too much effort to unlock characters and unlock additional hearts
  • score board integration so you can compare your high score with friends and other people (Google Play services)
  • have some kind of achievements/goals other than just total score for the player to reach
  • better character animations (regardless of whether they are running, jumping or landing), same with the in-game menus (but I figured getting the gameplay done was more important than anything else at this point)
Let me know if you have any others or how to make the game more interesting. I am also happy to share what I have learnt over the past few weeks as well, so any questions about the making of the game and/or what I have learnt are welcome as well. Enjoy.


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