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Essential File Sync Functionality

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I'm amazed that, after having spent several hours searching, I can't find an app to do what DataViz Documents To Go used to do on a Palm:

I want to sync certain files within certain folders on my desktop or server -- not entire folders -- to certain folders on my Android tablet. I want to specify the destination folder for each file that I want to sync, and I want only those files that I select within each source folder to be synced. In addition, I want to be able to specify if the sync should be one-way and which way, or two-way and what kind of conflict resolution should be used for each file, such as "warn and select", "delete oldest" or "create duplicate".

With the expansion of Android use into enterprise environments, this seems to be a necessary first step. Some publishers have apps for cloud (ugh!) syncing in an enterprise environment, but they suffer from the usual limitations when it comes to sync specification. If my enterprise is worth anything, I've got enough server space and bandwidth to host my own "cloud" for file sharing, and I can do it by SMB, SFTP, or WebDAV, but it doesn't become practical to administer until we have the essential flexibility of being able to completely specify the sync characteristics for each file.

In other words, I don't want to mess up my PC's file organization by moving files to a dedicated sync folder, and I don't want to sync all files in a folder. I want granular control of what files get synced and to where on the destination device.

DataViz used to do that on Palm devices, although the destination specification on the handheld was limited to either the device or an add-on card. Particular files from any folder on the PC could be synced with the Palm. Amazingly, they have removed this functionality in their Android syncing desktop application. You can only sync an entire folder, and you can't select particular files within a folder.

If there are any developers out there who would like to make a big hit with enterprise administrators, develop this app. Make it scalable for individual users and enterprises. Then add the ability to wipe files remotely if, for instance, someone with a tablet leaves the company but doesn't return the tablet.

Then I'll marry you and have your children. (I hope my wife will understand, and I hope it won't matter that I'm a man.)
Google 'belvedere dropbox' or 'hazel dropbox'. Maybe that will help.

Thanks for trying, but Hazel and Belvedere both suffer from the three problems I'm trying to avoid: They sync entire folders, impose a server's folder structure on the client, and rely on third-party "cloud" (ugh!) server storage.

I don't want to sync entire folders. The folder structures of the host (be it a server or desktop) and the client should be independent, and I don't want third parties to touch my data, even if it's encrypted. I can host my own files.

The relationship should be peer-to-peer, not server and client.
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