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Galaxy S Player 3.6 Wifi and incompatible apps.


Apr 7, 2012
Hi guys, dunno if this is the best part of the forum to post in but couldn't find an area that represented the player 3.6.

My problem is that my wife got one of these last week and it seems that the apps she'd like to use (shopping, bargain hunting and similar) are showing as incompatible with the Yp-GS1.
The reason i'm posting is that from readin the spec of the device it seems pretty good and i can't understand why apps such as Tesco Clubcard wouldn't run on it ??? Anyone know why, or is it more likely to be that the creators just haven't tick that lesser owned device as compatible ??

If the latter is likely to be the case ist there a company we can email to get the player 3.6 added to their list ?? or even anything else we can do - typically the ASDA app, the Hotukdeals Basket Buddy app and a couple of others that she particularly chose the android for don't work due to 'comnpatability'

Thanks for any info at all !

Also whilst talking about this device Samsungs website advetising it mentions that on Google Talk it has the Talk/Video Talk options ( Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 3.6# ) yet when using Talk it doesn't seem to have these available. Has anybody got this working on theirs ??

Not sure if maybe its because she's trying to connect to me on my Galaxy S2 which doesn't yet support Talks Voice and Video features.


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