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Galaxy Tab & Captivate S


Feb 4, 2011
I'm currently an iPhone 3 user ... as well as a Galaxy Tab user. I am in need of a new phone and wondered if anyone out there uses both a Galaxy Tab and a Captivate S as their phone?

Is there any easy way to sync both devices ... and is the charger the same??

Yes. You can sync the Galaxy Tab with your Android phones.

When I got my Galaxy Tab, my Galaxy S i9000 was in operation I also had my Galaxy S updated to Froyo during the time I had my Galaxy Tab to play with. This is not to mention I also have other Android phones in my collection running, like HTC Desire, my Droid Incredible and Nexus One. (My device collection consists of a mix of US and international market phones.)

And they all sync. You don't even have to worry about the sync. Its all natural, done completely transparently and in the background.

You can even sync your iPhone 3GS to Google and make them sync to your Galaxy Tab and other Android phones. Follow the instructions here. No app needed.

Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

I happen to have my iPod Touch sync'ed with my Androids btw.

Since then I gave my Galaxy Tab to my daughter for Christmas. Then later inspired from the Tab, she wanted a Galaxy S. So I gave her mine also, complete with Froyo update. Both are now simultaneously syncing to her Google account.
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