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Golf GPS Apps

I use FreeCaddie and GolfCard. I had to create my course and set the Front Back and Middle locations myself. I play with guys that have Sky Caddie and Laser's and I would say its pretty darn accurate. Maybe at most off up to 3 yards just like Sky Caddie but much faster. I'm not sure if it is off occasionaly due to my input, Sky Caddie input or elevation when using laser but I can live with it. It is a battery drain though with screen use and having GPS on. I have my own cart so I have a 12 volt outlet on it.
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I originally thought the golf apps would be the first ones I added but the battery drain has become a concern. For those of us who don't use a cart is it possible to get a full round in with a golf gps running the entire time? Is it easy to start up and shut down to use only periodicly throughout the round?
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Well to me there is nothing easy about activating the Droid. Pressing the button on top with index finger, repositioning the phone in your hand to then the swipe or pattern... It's just not an easy one hand series of moves IMO. Other than that accessing FreeCaddie is easy, however you will have to turn GPS on and off separately(It is not inter grated to remind you or activate through app.) You can get a full round in with a full charge. It depends how bright you have the screen and how often you look at it. Have a charger handy after wards though. I will say that I installed on my golf cart a 12 volt converter that utilizes all 36 volts to produce 12 volt for lights and radio and for some reason the phone acts very buggy when using touch while on charge. The radio I have has a USB and i get the same bugs. Same charger works fine in car and I tried other chargers. Having said all that... Last night I turned off sync, wifi, location/GPS and let the phone charge to 100%. Wake up 6 hours later to find that battery is at 60% and 40% of usage was phone idle??? Weather channel runs in notification, I wonder if it somehow drains it.
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You really do not need a converter. If your cart uses 6 volt batteries all you have to do is connect to the negative post or cable and then go over 2 batteries to the positive post. I'll try to show an example here.

- Bat + - Bat + - Bat + - Bat + - Bat + - Bat +
^ ^

I hope this shows up the way I did it. If you need further help let me know. I am a retired Electrician with 30+ yrs experience.
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I have been using GolfLogix with my Samsung Mesmerize, and with a fully charged battery I can get in 18 holes. I compare the tee and fairway yardage markers with GolfLogix and most times within 1 or 2 yards, if not right on. There is both a free and paid version, with many features beyond yardage. It is worth checking it out
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