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HELP all my music has disappeared


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Mar 31, 2010
Really need some advice here guys. All the songs that i have purchased from the playstore have disappeared altogether when i go to 'playmusic' app. When i go to the playstore to search for some of the songs that i originally purchased, some will show up as i can "listen" to track and some show up as "purchased", but it seems as if there is no way that i can download these tracks again? Could it be after an update to 'Play Music' app that has somehow removed all my songs. Aside from that i have done nothing to my device for me in losing all my songs.

I really hope there is a way of getting back all my paid tracks back without having to pay for them all again.

Anyone who has had the same issue or in anway can help it would be gladly appreciated.
I haveshow this thread to the Android Applications forum since it's dealing with the Play Music app.

Hope this helps.

Otherwise have you gone onto your computer to see if the purchases show up there and maybe there is just a syncing issue with the phone?

Yes, I have done that, but nothing is showing on their either. Thanks anyway .
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Are you certain your Music application is synced with your Account?

Sounds like you might need to talk to Google support.
On my HTC One when i go into settings - accounts & sync - google - accounts - i cant seem to find google 'play music?' Does this mean i will need to get in contact with google then?

Many thanks
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