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Apps Help/ Guide on creating my 1st App


Jun 1, 2017
Hi I'm trying to create a order form app for use with doing orders at work. I have watched videos and read online on how to stuff but I'm still abit confused and wondering if I can get some help.

ATM I am using a spreedsheet within Sheets but an app would be so much more effective.

This is what I want to create within an app

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Hi. Welcome to Android Forums.
One of the first things you need to do is design the UI. Your attached screenshot shows a spreadsheet, but is that how you want it to look in the app? Start by sketching out the layouts. Also think about the workflows between screens - how does the user navigate in the app?
You can do all this before you actually get to the real technical stuff, which brings me on to the question of your current level of knowledge. Are you familiar with Java? If not, then your first task is to learn about that.
Have a read of this for some useful information for beginners:

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