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Help with g7 play


Oct 3, 2020
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have recently switched to boost from att. Att signal sucked where I live. Everyone that lives around me has boost with no problems. Had my number ported and was put on expanded network. First month of service there was no service couldn't even make a phone call. Finally used neighbors phone and boost noncustomer service told me I used all my data, I just laughed. Went to town (26 miles one way) to speak to boost rep, after 3.5 hours of being there with him on phone with tech support they made decision g7 play wasn't compatible with the expanded network and reverted it back to old network. ( Breach of verbal contract given right back to ATT because dish bought all existing boost customers on old network) I switched from att because crappy service and data throttling. Second month at least I could make phone calls but no internet called customer service and they said I used all my data 3 days into 2nd month mind you I switched from att for the $50 unlimited data plan 12 gig hotspot and all the sudden there is a data cap 35 gigs. At this point 2nd day of 3rd month data speed test is 0.2 MBS DLS 0.24 upload speed is there something wrong with g7 play phones I need some advice half the time I have a ! In my signal bars but still says LTE but no internet access. Any information on this one
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