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History of the mafia [FREE] [GAME] [CARD]


Introducing our new game!

History of the mafia is a Reigns style card game.

Rule the mafia by making decisions with the swipe of a finger.

You play as a mafia boss dating back to 1920. With a flick of your finger, you decide the fate of people, cities and even countries. Make your decisions by opening new decks of cards. The non-linear story can lead you to different endings, so each playthrough will be unique. You can develop a plan to rob a bank, give an interview to a famous newspaper, manage labor unions, rob a military warehouse with weapons and much more.

The storyline touches on the real history of the mafia, references to famous films and games, as well as the original story.


- Non-linear plot. The answers can take you anywhere.

- Developed characters and original soundtrack.

- Economic component.

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