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HTC Thunderbolt Shows $749.99 Off-Contract Price in Best Buy


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Apr 12, 2008
A new internal screen scooped from Best Buy is showing some distressing info about the HTC Thunderbolt No, it has nothing to do with a delayed or not delayed launch that could happen on February 14th or 24th. Instead, it concerns the average retail pricing of the Thunderbolt off-contract. Best Buy has this pegged at [...]

Some wholesale vendor charge $750 for new device months before released to public. But far as BB goes they can F themselves I mean who buy phone from them? As they make money of contract with higher etf + cost of device. Its cheaper to just buy it direct subsidize as I always do then again I am pro GSM only if TB wasn't CDMA it would have been my HD2 replacement which I paid 750 :p got the Leo1024 4months before TMo dropped it.
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