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I Chose Maxx over Turbo


Nov 2, 2014
I decided to upgrade from the GzOne Commando to the Droid Maxx a few weeks ago. The Commando was a total piece of garbage. I almost completely abandoned using it for anything more than phone calls (which were a pain at times too towards the end) and texting. Anyway...I wasn't due for an upgrade until Nov 14 but Verizon moved anyone with that date or earlier to right before the iPhone 6 release and I didn't even know it until Oct 14. I never intended to get one of those iPhone's but someone attempted to buy two of them on my Verizon account that day and the fraud department caught it.

So, after getting a call from Verizon to straighten out the fraud at least I found out about the early upgrade eligibility. I was so excited just like a little kid. That's how bad the Commando sucked. I had been looking forward to getting a new phone pretty quickly after getting that piece of trash. I'm a UPS driver so I used the remainder of my lunch break to stop by our local Verizon store on the way back to UPS and after waiting a little while to speak to the sales floor rep I told her "I want the phone with the best battery life...not the biggest battery capacity (those are two different things) and would prefer that it's a newer phone" (because of my bad experience with the Commando that was already pretty old when I bought on top of being a piece of garbage). So, she, without hesitation, pointed to the Droid Maxx. I bought it and was like a kid Christmas morning playing with that ONE TOY that they were wishing for all year. Well, the next day the Droid Turbo was leaked. I was pretty pissed because once I read up on it it sounded like it would be a slightly better BUT NEW version of the Maxx. My bad experience with the Commando was due in part to my willingness to get an older phone for it's ruggedness instead of a newer phone that would actually still work later on. That and the fact that it was always a piece of junk anyway.

Anyway....I spent a whole week wondering when the exact release date of the Turbo would be and whether or not it would fall outside of my 14 day return period. I didn't really want to have to reactive the Commando and have to go back to re-upgrade to the Turbo because my work schedule might interfere but I went anyway. It was on the 14th day. Well, ended up keeping the Maxx. Why? It's simple....

The battery CAPACITY, not battery life, of the Turbo is 400mah more than that of the 3500mah Maxx but that "extra" 400mahs only makes up for the additional power consumption that the Turbo's slightly more advanced hardware/software uses. I mean think about it....both the Maxx and the Turbo were released with the promise of 48 hours of battery life but one is 3500mahs and the other is 3900mahs. Also....the camera and screen resolution are better but for me thats not a factor. And the biggie is that the Maxx, at the time, was only $50 (now free online) and the Turbo ended up being $200. Why pay $150 more (now $200) for practically the same phone. And the Maxx, despite being already slightly over a year old, won't degrade anywhere nearly as fast as the Commando did.

But either way both the Maxx and Turbo are baddass phones. The Maxx, despite it's age, is still more advanced than the iPhone 6 in a side by side comparison. I have been nothing but impressed with my Maxx so far. I have gotten at least 48 hours of battery life. Even after the recent software update. I'm one of those people that keeps things turned off until I need them such as location services and most apps. I also dim the screen and turn off anything else I don't use allot. I don't think it really mattered what I chose though. Compared to the Commando anything is badass.
Interesting ... I am waiting for my potential Turbo to arrive (Monday?) to upgrade from my Maxx.

At least $100 rebate on an operational phone towards cost. That brings it down to $100.

64GB not available on Maxx ... that drives it up to $150 or less.

Faster and 4 cores vs. 2.

3GB storage vs. 2GB.

Higher resolution display.

Will undoubtedly get system upgrades faster than the Maxx. (They always do the newest models first.)

Will have "L" and likely "M". Maxx will have "L" and I would doubt "M" (no way to tell yet.)

The "Verizon" logo is not imprinted on it anywhere on the Turbo.

In two years it will be two years old. In two years the Maxx will be 3.25 years old.

Under Nova Launcher Prime the Command Center widget will not operate on the Maxx and reportedly does operate on the Turbo.

Motorola phones have two long held reputations ... the BEST voice quality of any phone in the world and the WORST cameras. The hope is that the Turbo is finally addressing the second.

The Maxx is the BEST phone I have ever used. I am hoping the Turbo builds on that.

I don't see how you can go wrong with either. Go to the dealer ... pick it up ... you will know in 10 seconds if it is right for you. If you don't ... don't buy it.

... Thom
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