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iHeart Radio for Droid!

Wooohoooo!!!! I listen to AM 570 Radio (KLAC - Fox Sports Radio) here in the LA area. I was super bumbed when I found out I couldn't listen on my phone (Droid). Was searching around for a method of how to crack the stream somehow, and came upon the press release. Wish I would have noticed the post here first, as it would have saved me 45 mins of my life...heh...
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Are we sure it is for Eclair only? The initial press release reads:
NEW YORK – December 3, 2009 – Clear Channel Radio today announced that its wildly popular iheartradio mobile application will be available for Android devices, including one of Verizon Wireless’ newest smartphones, the DROID by Motorola, by Christmas.

Also, looks like they've issued another release recently that specifically states 1.5+.

StreetInsider.com - Today's the Day DROID Users! Download iheartradio from the Android Market Now!
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Um...am I missing something? It's not like I can't already hear the formulaic, sterile crap that Clear Channel produces no matter where I am in the U.S. Why do I need an app for something that I can get by just turning on the radio, no matter whether I'm in Alaska or Alabama?

Several possible reasons for using the application for those that prefer to listen to Clear Channel stations:

- Not everyone has a radio during their commute to work (i.e. subway, train, bus)
- Listen to your favorite station while at work
- Maybe want to listen to a station from another city
- Listen to while performing any other activity where you are not near a radio (shopping, working out, yard work, etc.).
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