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Illumishield S6 Screen Protectors Review


Feb 24, 2015
Just received this Illumishield S6 Screen Protector HD Clear, 3 packs. Easy install, no sweat. One of the most easiest application I have ever done so far. Not costly and has lifetime replacement warranty. And oh, didn't I tell you removing a stubborn hair is super easy,thanks to the magic of scotch tape. It's basically a dry application, so bye bye water,messy sticky feeling. Feels like glass, clear and smooth. For the price, $2.89 including shipping and handling, I'm very pleased.

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With Gorilla Glass 4 I'm surprised people are still using screen protectors. Have you scratched a screen in the past?

The gorilla glass just protects against scratches correct? and the tempered glass protectors actually keep the glass from shattering, by dispersing the impact force correct? I just want to make sure I went the correct route with the protector I bought, if the gorilla glass is also impact resistant then I will take off my protector.

thanks for any input.
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