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Root [International Tegra 3] Aroma Installer


May 30, 2010
I have just received an OTA update for the Venom/ViperX ROM on my HOX. Normally the touchscreen buttons dont work, but I can navigate through it using the Volume and Power buttons.
However on this update (3.7.5) the keys wont get me through the install process.

Question is it possible to enable the Touchscreen.

I managed to resolve this myself in the end. This was actually a Recovery problem as I was using Clockwork Mod which doesn't have Touchscreen enabled. So I changed my Recovery to TWRP which does support touchscreen in recovery.

Glad that you got it working. I also use CWM (touchscreen version - I can't remember which version :D), and have no problem using it till now. I think that TWRP has better features, but for now I just stick with CWM because I want to keep all my nandroids compatible with CWM (AFAIK CWMs nandroid is not compatible with TWRPs).
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