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Sold Like New 32GB HP Palm TouchPad - $225 incl. shipping!

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I have a 32 HP TouchPad that is basically brand new - I got it last Friday, which was a surprise since I had basically resigned myself to never seeing one.

I have decided not to keep it - switched back to my old Pre Plus for a couple of days and decided I am sticking with Android. Decided not to install Android to the TouchPad - something that is easy to do and supposedly is a great experience.

- Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU APQ8060 1.2 GHz
- 32GB
- great 9.7" screen
- excellent sound with Beats by Dr Dre integrated
- front facing camera (no rear camera)

The OS was recently updated to include a cool 'Camera' app and also allow BlueTooth sync with non-Palm phones (so you can answer phone using the TouchPad, etc)

Looking for $225 including priority shipping, PayPal in US only. This is much less than the $299 they are selling for on TigerDirect!


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Take $230 shipped if in good condition? The 32gb sells for 265 brand new on Amazon shipped

It is in better than 'good' condition - it is pristine: I took it out of the case, charged it up and played for a short while, cleaned it up and put it back in the box. 'Like new' is definitely not an exaggeration.

I am willing to do $230 PayPal. PM with details.
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I have been thinking on getting one of these over an iPad 2.... What kind of apps can you get with the Touchpad? This is a good price for what it comes with.


The TouchPad has perhaps the best mobile Facebook app available, and also solid email and web browsing clients. There are plenty of games and utilities and music and video players and so on. Kindle has an app, as do other media sources.

There is a decent 'homebrew' and 'indie' development scene for the TouchPad, and many folks have converted it into the best low-cost Android Tablet available. It runs loads of stuff well, and with additional utilities can do even more.

PM me if interested.
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