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Loose micro USB socket


Jun 23, 2020
My Blackview A10 phone's micro USB socket is no longer tightly fitting the connectors I plug into it, making it unreliable for charging. I've tried various new cables; I've carefully scraped out any dust or fluff, although there didn't seem to be any; and I've tried bending up the tiny lugs on the micro USB plugs as recommended on many YouTube videos, all to no avail. I'm concerned that soon I won't be able to charge it, as it's slowly getting worse. Are there any other solutions I could try?
This appears to be a matter where the USB port is worn or damaged to the point it's not fully functional now. Given Blackview is one of many small Chinese phone manufacturers and your A10 is a relatively minor model, you might to think about upgrading to a new phone at this point. The costs to repair it might instead be better directed to helping pay for a new one.
But that's apparently not an absolute, just something to think about and weigh your options. If charging up your phone is still working out 'most of the time' just not reliably every time you plug it in, is this more of an annoying inconvenience or you're having regular problems having a working phone when you need it?

And just a remote possibility, have you confirmed the problem isn't with your phone nor the USB cable(s) and checked the power adapter too? They don't often fail, there are no moving parts involved, but something like a lightning storm could or at least damage the internal circuity if you leave it plugged into a wall outlet.
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Not very relevant, but I had a port problem over some months with a Nokia 7 Plus, where I had to hold or prop the cable and USB C plug at an increasingly critical angle to get it to charge.

Turns out, after a search, this was a common problem for this and 1 or 2 other models because the metal of the port was sub standard and prone to warping or expanding.

Within the 2 year warranty Nokia were terrific and arranged DHL to collect and deliver to Hungary! from London. Overall about 7 days, but necessitating a cheap phone purchase which I struggled to afford at the time.

They replaced a whole charging board, which sits across / attaches to the bottom of the main motherboard. It also came back with a few other features so they must have flashed the whole thing.
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