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MicroSD vs. Internal memory


Aug 8, 2012
i am having a very starnge issue with my external memory card on my S3...
i am using SanDisk 64GB Class 10 that i tested using all apps and it is OK !

when i place files on my card, i canot access any files or folders that include Hebrew letters.
this is strange as the phone perfectly supports Hebrew by all means (voice, keybord etc)
another strange thing is that when i place the same files in the internal memory, the phone works ok with them - so the SW fully supports Hebrew.
on a PC, these files are also accesible - so the issue is only with the combination: MicroSD + Galaxy S3 SW !!!

if i remane the files to include non-Hebrew letters, it all works...
when it inlcude Hebrew, the details of the files state the file was last modified in 01/01/1970 and the files are not accesible

why would the SD work differnely then the internal memory ?
Of course i formatted the card :)
i tried everything !
there is an issue with MicroSD + S3 SW
only this combination is problematic !!!

BTW i found another thread stating the issue is not only with Hebrew
Arabic is also a problem and maybe some other forign languages...
it is also stated the issue is only with this specific card...
lower capacities are working OK !
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