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Help mm-qcamera-daemon ?


Apr 8, 2014
I was having excellent battery life which suddenly reversed itself with rapid draining and heating of my S5. I then realized that I was going through the mm-qcamera-daemon bug. This has occurred sporadically on several different brands (nexus in particular) after the Kitcat updates. Apparently, apps (Skype etc.) that can access the camera as part of their permissions cause this particular process to stay on with heavy CPU usage.

Any users experiencing this on their S5? Or alternatively are any users experiencing rapid battery drain and heating on their S5's?

I have found a temporary workaround, but am anxiously searching for any other simple solutions and/or Kitcat updates.
Will any of the apps that kill background services stop the daemon?

I have two apps that I use on occasion to monitor my S5.

One is Battery Doctor, * Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) - Android Apps on Google Play
which if not being used, does not have any ill effects on battery life. But, it has a Widget that is very useful called "Save Power". That will usually stop all background services/apps that are not in the foreground.

There is a Widget on my S5 that will display the apps that are running on your Android device, it is called "Active Applications". It will also stop them all.

I don't recall if this widget has always been on my S5, or if it just appeared after I installed the Nova Launcher

maybe one of those two will help you out?
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Okay, here is something that can speed that process up a little bit.

install MacroDroid

create a macro that senses the app(s) that causes the problem.
then have it kill that app when you exit it
then have it restart the phone.

you won't have to do anything at all yourself, it will be automatic.

hopefully the fix will get issued and the problem will go away.
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This has happened to me twice. Today and October 25th. I did not access the camera in either case. According to Battery Monitor Pro, today it started at around 7am (GMT+1h), about the time the phone connected to my car's hands-free device.

When I noticed the problem today and tried to access the camera via the camera app, it told me "camera error". I had to reboot to be able to access the camera again.

It hasn't happened before (I got the phone in June I think). I'm not aware of any new app I installed and that might use camera access.
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