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Motorola Droid - Video Formats and Converter

Check this thread : http://androidforums.com/how-tips/14610-put-videos-droid.html
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I am switching from iPhone to Motorola Droid and having issues with converting videos. Can someone tell me what are the most optimal settings for converting videos for playback and a good converter that converts videos in bulk not one at a time?

Droid with max screen resolution of 850X480 pixel, so the best video profile availble from 3rd party converters is MP4 720
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I work with video & absolutely love VisualHub for simple encodes.
Handbrake is what I used before VisualHub.
Both will definitely get the job done.

I also work with Final Cut Studio & Vegas Pro, but thats overkill in your case.
You will have to find VisualHub on the torrents now, the company Techspansion, is NO more.
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Try to search for HDEncoder in the XDA Developers Forum. It's originally made for the HTC Touch HD but it encodes you everything in the right MP4 format to play with iPhone, Androids, etc (because HTC allways does only ship Video Drivers for the build in Videoplayer wich only supports MP4 too). It's the propably most easy to use converter and eats everything as input (divx, xvid,...) and is quite fast (at least on my PC).
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I have tried at least 4 different video players, none of which would display (fullscreen) my old iPod Touch videos made with AVI-converter (various zoom modes failed). Catalyst 3 for Droid did the job (even from a DVD I could not crack) and displayed fullscreen on my droid in all the vid apps, so the conversion program is the key. Although I have to re-convert my favorite movies, at least now I do know with what = Catalyst 3 for Droid.
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