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My T-Mobile Galaxy S8 just shipped! WOOHOO!


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  • Mar 26, 2008
    It's well before the official launch date, but T-Mobile just shipped my Samsung Galaxy S8 and my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus as well. Unfortunately, I'm having them shipped to @GamerCore who will be performing full reviews on behalf of Phandroid, but it's exciting nonetheless.

    Anyone else get their shipping notification through T-Mobile or another carrier?

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    Samsung Gear VR with controller and some Oculus Content. There is also an offer for an additional 256GB MicroSD card and premium AKG headphones for $99, but I never saw this option when placing my order, so wondering exactly what versions I actually purchased!


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    Aside from the true VR aspect, I always thought it would be awesome for taking on trips, for example to watch movies on airplanes.
    How cool would it be to watch the movie 'Snakes on a Plane' on a plane wearing the VR. You could jump up and yell to all the others "WATCH OUT!". :p

    Aside from movies, can the Gear VR be used as a virtual monitor for all phone usage like email and web browsing?
    Why would you want to see your email from a 360° perspective? :thinking:
    Do you think you might be able to see the back side of an incoming email? :D
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    AT&T informed me that there will be shipping on April 18 or 19th. Unfortunately they did not specify which year.
    You think that's bad - I reluctantly pre-ordered from Best Buy for my 1st time after reading previous years and years of horror posts on this forum about them not getting phones to other members on time. I'm patiently waiting for an email of apology that my phone is back-ordered for 5 years. o_O
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