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New to android but not new to technology


May 24, 2011
Ok i just bought my first android powered phone (LG Vortex) since it was a free upgrade to my blackberry storm (that sucked for 2 years). I have owned BBery and PPC phones and modded and rooted and built roms (for ppc) in the past.

I have not actually recieved my phone yet but i know that as soon as it arrives i will want to root it, use titanium to remove all the crap install launcher pro and change my default search to google (seems that one gives some people problems)

My question is this.. Once rooted, can one cook up a rom with preinstalled apps and features and just blow it onto the phone, how does that work in the android world?
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Building your own ROM is certainly possible but it's a somewhat involved process. If all you are looking for is a ROM with specific apps installed then you might find it easier to just install an appropriate ROM and then install the apps. You can then back up the ROM but I don't think you can restore a Nandroid or Titanium backup. For more, and likely more accurate info on custom ROM's for your LG Vortex, check out:

Vortex - All Things Root - Android Forums
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