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NFL's Spectacle...


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Aug 11, 2014
Crazyville, CA
I have always liked football, sometimes more than others, and since one of the teams I really like is playing, I'll tune in for the big show. But often I don't really watch the game and just watch some of the commercials.

This blog about Mr. Manning is circulating on social media and I found it an interesting and thought-provoking read, so I thought I'd share it here. I thought about the "Interesting Articles" thread, but since this does have a sports bent, I thought it better here.

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Go out and get your arse handed to you in the biggest sporting event in America, then after your 15 minute "cool down" period go sit behind a mic and answer the same 3 ridiculous questions over and over again and then telle how someone is supposed to act.
He was sad, hurt, upset and not in a good place after losing the Superbowl. No one can blame him or his character for not wanting to sit through a bull crap press conference.

The guy donates so much time and money to several youth organizations and causes. He does a lot of good off the field (in an age where most NFL players are doing awful things off the field).

Cam Newton got his butt handed to him for 4 quarters and because he didn't smile and not show his emotion, he has somehow lost people's respect???
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If he dances and celebrates, he is a thug or he is somehow degrading to the game. If AJ Hawk does a 3 minute routine after a sack, he is just having fun.

The problem with your stance and the entire thing is that these guys get 15 to 20 minutes to come down after a brutally violent game and then you along with others expect them to be all rainbows and lollipops.
He wears his emotions on his sleeve so yea, your gonna get the other side of it in times like this.

Everyone wants these athletes to be open and real until they actually are then they throw a fit because they didn't handle themselves in the way you or me thinks they should have.

He is a great athlete, a good person, and a good teammate (according to his coaches and fellow players). He had a bad moment and now everyone wants to try and make that moment define who he is. That's not fair to him and it's not a Cam Newton problem, it's a you problem.

I happen to like that he shows his emotions (good or bad).
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