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No Root Zte Z981 Carrier Bootloader Lock


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Oct 3, 2016
In case anyone new didn't know zte isn't to blame for not having root or bootloader access.
MetroPCS/TMobile has a contract with zte to make a carrier specified phone and to lock it down to avoid returns.
The first zte zmax (z970) saw a lot of defective returns. Newbs who didn't know what they were doing. So MetroPCS/TMobile decided although sales were better than expected we need a way to cut down on returns. Why you think metropcs gives scrunity to us customers when you have a problem/return.
If anyone recalls zte is a lower tier company compared to Samsung LG and others. Therefore to compete in the market share they must do what the Carrier says (MetroPCS).

In a nut shell MetroPCS is a gain for profit business
They rather attract new customers than satisfy there current ones.
Think about it. You can unlock your phone with them only after 90 short days. Other companies require 6 months or more. Metropcs doesn't have a retention department.
Now MetroPCS isn't wrong for this . It's the fact that cheap phones attract new customers. So any metropcs phone under 100 that's made by zte. Don't count on unlock bootloaders.
Samsung, LG and a few others are too big for MetroPCS to abide by them locking down devices. Zte step your game up or loose customers. Stop abiding by MetroPCS market strategies. Market your own products which are fairly good ones. Show off your 3rd and 4th quarter profit shares. Let them know you care about your consumers.
Thank you.

If you want root metropcs has to request zte to release the fastboot file.
Ask MetroPCS. Bothering zte does consumers no good. Carrier influence is major.
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This is interesting . This doesn't mean that ZTE has no part in this obviously, we can understand why they made the decision they made. Metro PCS really put them on the MAP with that ZTE Max Pro, ZTE did a great job with making this phone and METRO PCS did a great job with promoting it. When I think about METRO I really think about this phone. This is basically an honorary Flagship phone for Metro PCS. It was really big hit.

This is a great device. But I don't appreciate either Metropcs or ZTE not giving the fastboot file. This is just unacceptable and I don't see how it stops returns.

I have a yellowish/orangish mark on the left side of my ZTE Max Pro Z981 and this is not due to root. This is due to ZTE . Metro and ZTE need to get it together. And I respect ZTE and think they made a great phone with Z981
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