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No shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S3?


Aug 13, 2012

This is my first post to this forum so go nice on me ;)
Anyway, bought my Samsung Galaxy S3 3 days ago and the shutter sounds has randomly stopped working while taking a photo. I hear many people hate the noise but I personally liked it. I'm not sure how it happened as there isn't any option to turn it off due to privacy.

Welcome to the forums QuadCoreS3 and chiccity, glad to have you guys here :)

Anyhow i do not own an S3, but i am assuming this is the noise the phone makes when you take a picture?

For the sound to play you need to have your system volume not on mute/vibrate, otherwise no sound will play.

If this isnt the issue just explain to me what this sound is and i will try to better aid you in solving this problem :)
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Yes digital controller, it is the sound that plays when you snap a shot or a screenshot. I used to hear that sound when my phone is not on silent or mute mode. But all of a sudden they're gone. I don't know what to do. I want to try the factory reset however i cannot make kies work properly. It kept saying 'backup failed'!
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Well this is the thing, there are 6 different types of volumes on your phone, each controlling something different, these 6 are:


These system volumes can be change independently, but usually when you just push the volume down to like turn down your ringtone, you are turning down Ringer, system, and alerts all at once, however, i have used an app called AudioManager and i have been able to turn off my ringer but like keep notifications like text noises and email noises on.

This could bring back your camera noise, who knows, worth a shot though.
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