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Oct 27, 2011
Hi guys. I just turned off my Samsung Tablet as normal and put it away without noticing that a message came up. About 30 minutes later, tried to use it ahd the message was there to Connect a usb cable to download Odin3. got home and connected it to my computer, but nothing happens! It says connected and to press the start button of Odin3! But where is the start button? Touched the whole screen and nothing happens. It says downloading Do not turn off target (since the beginning), under de Android symbol, but nothing happens!
Could someone help?
Thank you.
Welcome to Android Forums, Jose!

I am not familiar with the Samsung tablets, so I couldn't tell you about the specific download, but it sounds like you interrupted a system update. You should check in the forum for youe specific tablet to see if any of the members have a solution for you. Since you didn't list the model, I'll give you the links to the most popular. Sorry, if that's not yours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Android Forums

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Android Forums
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Thank you very much. It's a 10.1 recent model. I'll look into the proper forum. But do you know where the start button lies at all? Cheers

As far as I know, Odin3 is run from a PC to flash an Android Device. The START button is there.

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