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Optimus LGSM769 Bricked


Dec 21, 2013
I wanted to root my phone with a Chinese software and it did but my error was installing superuser and it asked me to uninstall the one that was already installed i said yes and it restarted and never moved from the carrier page. I tried the LG software tool with no luck! i took it in to the local phone store and I'm assuming they did the same thing. I heard of the source website and i downloaded the one for my phone, my only question is with what software do i rewrite this code? and how?
Welcome to the site :hello:

I did a Google search of the phone model you provided and this is all I came up with:


As you can see, there weren't many results; two of them lead back to this thread.

So are you sure that is the exact model # for your phone? Maybe tell us which carrier you are using and that might help us narrow down which one you have and ultimately help you out.

Also, maybe give us the link to that 'Chinese' software that you used as well.

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