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Prelease - News and Rumors

LG V20 will extend the cutting edge features of multimedia offered by the V10 and offer an exhilarating mobile experience to users, setting up new standards for premium smartphones, according to Juno Cho, the president of its mobile unit.

What features were those exactly. Did I miss something in the LG V10 coverage? I'm all about multimedia.
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I'm surprised by the seeming lack of interest in the V20, but guess that most normal users just don't want their phone to be as large as the V20. The G5 was interesting to me, but it looked too much like an iphone rather than the shape of the G3 that really fit in my hand well, and I wasn't happy to give up my 5.5" screen for a smaller 5.3" screen.

My LG G3 is have substantial bluetooth issues, so I can hardly wait for final details of this phone to be released. Having seen renderings with the volume on the back and on the side, my hope is that the volume will be on the back.

It would be nice to see the details of what this device's battery specs are, and would be nice to know where the volume rocker is located. They're doing an awesome job of keeping it all under wraps until the official release. I guess I'll hurry up and wait for September 6.
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mpavlansky I think you hit the nail on the head..... I am wanting to up-grade to the most current processor and fastest ram, best screen and camera.
So, will the V20 be better than the new Note 7? ( The two most current flagships).
I also want the 5.7 to 6 inch screen so again, Note 7 or V20.
I have not read of any new super technology for the V20. The camera will be 20 ~21 megapixels so that is better, I guess. Other then new processor what more will V20 offer?

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The 3200 mAh battery seems like weak sauce, but I'll have to see if Nougat is actually more efficient and makes the smaller battery irrelevant. I lament the loss of volume rockers on the back, but am deeply thankful that the battery is still removable. This will be my next phone.
For me the jury is still out..... I will have to see what "promotions" LG will be offering and how does the phone feel in my hands.
I was hoping for a better main camera at the bare minimum.
I too will be following Android 7's roll out.

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3200 battery doesn't bother me one bit. Charge your other battery (s). Hopefully that's a goodie. Otherwise, worth buying.
Wonder if the battery door button will have issues. Is it basic tech or did they engineer the shit out of it?
Wish they left the buttons n back door the same / slight tweaks.
I would love to have it but don't see the point from v10 still.
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