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Accessories PSA: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


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Oct 29, 2013
Huntsville, AL
The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the first Google devices to use an optical under-display fingerprint sensor. These work by illuminating the spot where you place your finger so that the camera under the screen can see your fingerprints.

Many users have already found that some tempered glass screen protectors may interfere with the operation of the fingprint sensor, likely because the extra layer of glass causes too much internal reflection for the optical sensor to get a good look.

Your best guarantee for getting a screen protector which won't negatively impact the fingerprint sensor operation is to stick to products which are certified under the Made for Google program. These have been tested by Google to confirm that they will fit and function correctly. This 9to5Google article has a listing of specific products and where you can buy them.

Screen protectors from other companies might work, but if you stray from the Made for Google certified products I would definitely double-check the product description to make sure it is compatible with the fingerprint sensor. At least then you might have some recourse if it doesn't work correctly.
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Whitestone makes a screen protector that works perfectly with the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 Pro. It also does something that no other protector I've found does, it bonds to the phone's screen. Most hard protectors I've used adhere to the phone's screen by an adhesive or by some type of "static" cling. (I'm not a physicist, so how they stick is a guess) The Whitestone uses a liquid bonding agent that goes between the phone's screen and the protector. It's then cured with an ultraviolet light and makes the screen & protector one unit. I have removed them and they don't come if easy. It comes with the curing light and everything you need for two applications. (In case the first attempt fails. I've used Whitestone's protector on my last 3 phones and haven't had a cracked screen yet.
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Just got a new Samsung S23+ and ordered a tempered glass screen protector from amFilm -- the amFilm [2+2 Pack OneTouch Tempered Glass Screen - thru Amazon. It arrived quickly and was easy to install with the One Touch Application Tray. Quick and easy - no bubbles. I did have to rescan my fingerprint but it works fine after doing that.
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