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Reboot phone daily with delay and possibility to stop task

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I believe that to reboot your phone, it would have to be rooted.
And what about rebooting at a time when you know it's never going to bother you, like for example 3am?

Otherwise, you can use a scene. In your task, add a Menu action, available in the Alert section.
The layout would be 'IconAndTextMenu'.
Then you can add items with an icon, text and the corresponding task to perform.
You could have a Confirm button to launch a separate task which would do the reboot and a Cancel button or rely on dismissing the pop up by clicking outside of it or on Back.

This should get you started...
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As you're rooted, you could download Quickboot, which can be used as a Tasker plugin (although you may need to have the pro version) - I use this to do a reboot once a week (3am on a Sunday, I think).

I am a little tied up at the moment, but will try and have a look at this for you, if you'd like/don't get it worked out yourself :)
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