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Help samsung galaxy S not detected

I downloaded KIES from the samsung site yesterday and it was working perfectly with my samsung galaxy S, the phone was detected by the computer and the program KIES opened automatically so I could take pictures and video s out of the phone unto my computer
today however no matter what I try the phone is not detected the computer keeps telling me that there is an error of some sort ad the device is unknown:thinking:
Does anyone know this problem? and if yes, what can I do about it?
thanks a bunch for reading and hopefully for some solutions:D
This may or may not work (it did for me at least): Before connecting the USB go to Settings ---> Applications ---> USB settings ---> then choose "Mass Storage". Let me know if it works or not.

edit. ignore me, misread the question. but still try it tho :D
didn work either but thanks anyway!:)

the phone doesn t give the connection ikon anymore, that s strange,..though it does make that beeping noise showing it is charging the battery..I think I m going to call samsung tomorrow:rolleyes:
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my computer doesn t find a device if I change settings to mass storage..( called samsung and they adviced me to do the same thing, only in dutch ) so what does that mean..a problem in my computer or a problem in my phone?
I think it may be the computer that is being a pain in the youknowwhere

edit* I just found at that when I set my phone to MASS STORAGE it is not detected by the computer in the device manager but it IS detected by kies..
but when kies tell me I have to reconnect in the KIES modus..it doesn t find the phone anymore..
any thoughts on that?
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so I reinstalled KIES which didn t help me at all.
at this point the computer finds NOTHING,
I have windows 7 installed, it should give me a pop up to tell me a new device for mass storage was found..it doesn t do that, so I checked if I could find te device manually but no...there s just no device detected..
the cable isn t damaged as my phone is in fact charging the battery when connected to the computer, so that should tell me there IS connection.
the only thing left to do according to the samsungguy is to format my sd card. which I m not exactly keen on doing as I will loose everything in the phone ( including my crazy bird progress LOL)

any good ideas left anyone?
I just ran out of options
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From home screen go to settings----> about phone----> USB Settings---> then select "Ask on Connection" before you plug in the cable. Then open Kies on PC and After it has started Plug in the Cable to your phone and it will ask for the selection. At that time choose Samsung Kies and it will connect you. At least it did for me.
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Have tried all of the above. Software just sits and tries to connect, but can't, when running Kies. Connects as mass storage device etc no probs. Don't have SD card. Samsung says that I don't have correct software .NetFrame + DirectX, but guess what, I do have it all. Windows 7 comes with the required s/ware on install. Have found that MTP seems to be a problem and believe that Samsung/Microsoft have not created the drivers properly and need to redo USB drivers.
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